Travel Program

Travel Points Program*

Only Sterling Federal’s Four Seasons Club offers you a special Travel Points Program. Earn valuable points good toward free or discounted day trips or overnight tours by joining the Four Seasons Club, by banking at Sterling Federal and even by participating in Four Seasons travel events.

How to Earn Points

As a member of the Four Seasons Club, you will receive ample opportunities to earn Four Seasons Travel Points, including:

  • Initial Awards for joining the Four Seasons Club
  • Monthly Awards for the average daily balance you maintain in Sterling Federal Bank deposit accounts
  • Annual Awards for paying for the renewal of your safe deposit box
  • Day Trip and Tour Awards for participating in a Four Seasons Club day trip or overnight tour
  • Special Offers & Promotions that Sterling Federal Bank may periodically offer members.

For more information on how points are awarded or for a complete list of potential award opportunities, please download our Four Seasons Club Program Rules or contact a Four Seasons Club Director.

Be the lucky traveler and win!

In addition to Travel Points, you could win a Free trip or Gift Cards on each trip. Each day trip will feature a drawing for one full refund of the cost of the trip for one lucky traveler! And, each overnight excursion where a Sterling Federal Bank representative is present will feature a drawing for $100 to $500 for one very lucky traveler!

* In accordance with IRS regulations, the value of Four Seasons Travel Points redeemed must be reported to the IRS.